Meet the Team: Jesse Jarrett

” I couldn’t do any of it without my family’s support.”


Jesse Jarrett is a 15-year-old wakeboarder who calls both Toronto and Muskoka home. He’s been tearing up the wake scene with his passion for progression and true love of the sport. We sat down with Jesse to talk about some of his favourite things, and what he has planned for the future.

Tell us about the first time you ever remember wakeboarding. 
I think that my Dad used to run along our cottage beach and pull me on a wakeboard when I was 3 or 4. He got more tired out than I did.
How would you explain the feeling you get when you’re wakeboarding, to someone who has never experienced it before?
The summer equivalent of snowboarding. It’s dope!
What set-up do you ride?
For boat I ride the Hyperlite Relapse 141 and for park I ride the Hyperlite Union 142. I ride the Hyperlite System Low Backs with Webb Boots for both.


Favourite trick to do?
Probably a Method Bs 180 or anything with a solid grab.
A trick you haven’t mastered yet but hope to?
Grabbing everything that I do.
Boat or cable, and why?
I like to do both, but I find winching the most exciting. I aspire to be a well rounded rider.
Favourite park to ride at?
Valdosta Wake Compound for sure! It has such a cool vibe and very creative set-ups there that make it feel more like the snowboard stuff I like to ride in the winter.
Worst crash ever?
Check my 2017 Rip Curl Judgment Video above…
Have you ever considered quitting?
Not really, but I’ve had my ups and downs over the years with a few injuries. Right now I’m pretty stoked about progressing my riding in boat, park, and winching!
Favourite music to get you stoked?
Changes every day.
Shout out your sponsors. 
I’m stoked to receive some awesome support from Hyperlite, Rip Curl, Vonzipper, and Sandbox. I’m riding on the Hyperlite International Am Team now.
Have you been wakeboarding anywhere outside of Canada? If so, what was it like?
I’ve only been to Orlando, Florida and Valdosta, Georgia so far but I’m hoping to travel more in the future to ride and film some cool spots.


Who’s your biggest inspiration in life?
Everyone who goes out and kills it with their riding.
Who’s your favourite rider?
Dary Znebel is the most creative and stylish all around rider that I know.
Biggest supporter?
My family for sure. They support me all year round to wakeboard and snowboard as much as possible. I couldn’t do any of it without my family’s support.
What do you do all winter?
Lots of snowboarding and a little bit of school.


How does it feel to be called the “future” of Canada’s wakeboarding scene?
There are a ton of talented up and coming riders and I’m stoked to be thought of as one of them.
What’s next for you in the upcoming year?
I’m hoping to ride, photograph and film as much as possible. I really enjoy video editing and graphic design.
Any social media you want to shout out?
Go follow me on instagram @jessejarrett_