Malibu have been in the wake making game since day one with their Wakesetter series, but the M235, which rolled out in 2016, is in an entirely different class. The M235 features Malibu’s Wake Plus hull, and built-in hard tank ballast system along with Plug ‘n’ Play soft-bag system ensuring there’s plenty of weight for big wakes and surf waves. Malibu’s Power Wedge 2 and Surf Gate offer infinite customization to suit every skill level of rider and surfer. Oli Derome has been riding behind Malibu most of his career and he claims the M235 is the best boat Malibu has ever manufactured.

Length: 23.5′ / Beam: 102″ / Dry Weight: 6200 lb / Fuel Capacity: 78 gal / Maximum Capacity: 17 people / 2397 lbs / Max Factory Ballast Capacity: 5400 lb / Engine: Indmar Monsoon 6.2L Supercharged 575 hp

malibu m235 oli derome
Levitt photo

Do you run additional ballast along with the stock ballast?
Nearly 2500 lb, I don’t typically ride with everything full unless we really want the full boot off the wake.

How is the weight distributed throughout the boat?
I run 2 Plug ‘n Play 750 lb bags in the rear lockers, 500 lb spread through the belly and 350 lb in the hallway.

What settings do you use for the Power Wedge 2 for wakeboarding?
Most of the time I like the Power Wedge 2 to be on the 2nd key unless we are driving double ups or want the wake to be more rampy.

What settings do you use for the Power Wedge 2 and Surf Gate when surfing?
I like the wedge to be on the 4th key and I surf goofy so I select the right hand Surf Gate.

What speed do you ride at?
22.8 mph

What rope length?
75 ft

Describe the shape of the wake for wakeboarding.
The M235 wake has the perfect transition with a nice steep kick at the end to give you the extra hang time; that same transition helps absorb the impact of your landing. The wake is a bit narrower than most, which makes it easy to keep it wake to wake.

Oli Derome malibu m235
Levitt photo

Describe the surf wake.
Big and long! With the Power Wedge 2 you can shape it the way you want. I like mine long and medium steep so I can ride back and all the way in with speed.

What’s your favourite non-wakeboarding/wakesurfing feature about the boat?
Definitely the Command Centre. You can control everything from the speed, wedge, Surf Gate, tunes and volume all with one hand while driving!