Plastic Playground Liquid Leisure 2018

Progression is the one word that summed up stop #2 of the Plastic Playground tour at Liquid Leisure Watersports Complex outside of London, England. Progression on display from the riders and with numerous unique Unit Parktech features that littered the park. Check the video for all the highlights and results below.

Pro Men
1. Aaron Gunn
2. Dom Hernler
3. Sebastian Dunn
4. Nico von Lerchenfeld

Pro Women
1. Anna Nikstad
2. Julia Rick
3. Maryh Rougier
4. Elizaveta Pruzhanskaya

1. Loic Deschaux Wakeboarder & Snowboarder
2. Parker Swope
3. Enzo Asseraf wakeboarder
4. Mikayo Mundy

Camera/Edit Pilchard TV
Drone Dave Av
Racedrone Neil Hilder