The Mastercraft X-Star is the true OG of wake boats having been in the game for more then 2 decades. The latest incarnation of the X Star features a radical new hull design for huge wakes and Mastercraft’s FastFill Ballast System, which claims to have you loaded down in under 3 minutes. If the X-Star has big wake connoisseur Rusty Malinoski amped to ride, you know the wake has to be incredible.

Length: 23’
Beam: 102”
Dry Weight: 5800 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 76 gals
Maximum Capacity: 16 people / 2400 lbs
Max Factory Ballast Capacity: 4100 lbs
Engine: Ilmor 7000MPI 522 hp

Rusty malinoski

Do you run additional ballast along with the stock ballast?
In addition to the stock ballast, another 3,000 lbs.

How is the weight distributed throughout the boat?
Two Fly High Fat Sacks in the back lockers beside the engine, a bunch towards the back on the floor, one on each side of the flip seats and weight in the centre walkway.

How do you customize the wake?
There are three plates on the back of the boat that help get the X Star up to speed incredibly fast. You can set up the plate on the dash to perfect your wake or surf wave.

What speed do you ride at?
22.8 mph

What rope length?

Rusty malinoski

Describe the shape of the wake for wakeboarding.
The wake is incredibly large. It is very clean, perfect pitch…not too steep. Amazing for all levels of riding.

Describe the surf wake.
It is crazy big; you can get really far back. It’s got a ton of push making it super easy for everyone to ride.

What’s your favourite non-wakeboarding/wakesurfing feature about the boat?
My favourite feature is the reversible seating on the very back of the boat. It’s sick for hanging out and getting up close to watch.