It’s not every day you have a full line up of your own pro model gear, but for Saskatchewan’s Dylan Miller – he is now one appendage closer to being covered in gear that bears his name:

First off, Out of all of the helmet companies in the world, Why did you first choose to protect your noggin with a sandbox?

Dylan Miller: Adam Levitt made the connection, I had never tried there helmets but  I knew the name from their Snowboard videos. He hit me up and said that Sandbox was interested in getting a wake team put together. I said I was down and that’s how it all started.

Have you always rep’d the Legend Low Rider? What is your favourite model of helmet?

DM: Yeah I personally like the classic skate style helmet look, the Legend Low Rider is my favourite

Did you talk to Kevin about the trials and tribulations before starting Heshbacks?

DM: Not off the start but he has for sure helped us along the way over the last couple years.

Photo: Adam Levitt

How did the first collaboration happen, between Heshbacks and Sandbox?

DM: We just hit up Kevin and asked if he was into it. He was super open to the idea and it progressed from there.

I believe you might be the first pro rider who has their own model of helmet, how did that come about?

DM: Yeah I’m definitely stoked. I can’t remember if it was me that brought it up but both parties were into the idea and we started brainstorming on some ideas.

Does the Heshback + Sandbox hat fit under the Dylan Miller?

DM: Hell yeah it does!

Who designed the graphic?

DM: So the artist that drew the character is Lauren Elms, it matches my board for 2018. But William Westwood aka Willy Westside who works for Sandbox was the one that put it all together.

Adam Levitt Photo

When did you give The Dylan Miller Stamp of approval to the helmet? How long was the process?

DM: Will is really good at designing stuff like this so all that I changed was the colour of the font on the back. It honestly took about 4 days and it was done.

What can you say about Sandbox and the support they have for the wakeboard industry?

DM: It’s awesome that another brand is seeing a direct return from wakeboarding. So many brands get into wakeboarding and leave shortly after. It’s great to see Sandbox’s commitment to wake.

I know helmets are not always viewed as “cool” but in light of injuries that have happened over the past 3 years in the wakeboard community, do you view helmets in a different light? Do you ever hit features or winch spots without one anymore?

DM: I wear my helmet full time now at the park and also winching. It’s hard to look past some of the terrible things that have happened over the last couple years. We’re just going so fast all the time so it really doesn’t bother me wearing one. I’m a connoisseur of making things look as bad ass as possible but at the end of the day it’s nice having some protection on the ol’ noggin.