After last year’s successful debut of the Yardsale at Valdosta Wake Compound, there was plenty hype leading up to this year’s event last weekend. The best cable and features riders in the world along with a handful of up and coming hopefuls descended on to VWC last Thursday looking forward to weekend of riding. While last year’s contest focused solely on the multi-levelled Sesitec System 2.0 set-up, the main contest went down this year on the full sized system. Saturday morning 36 riders battled it out in 6 heats to make a 6 make final. Daniel Grant, William Klang, James Windsor, Liam Peacock, Dary Znebel and John Dreiling were given one run to lay down their best line. In the end, it was Liam Peacock who had to qualify on Friday morning, taking the W followed by William Klang and Dary Znebel.

New for 2018 was a team video event featuring team captains Steffen Vollert, Daniel Grant, Wes Jacobsen, Trever Bashir and Trever Maur picking their team out of a hat at random. The teams were given the entire weekend to film on the System 2.0 and full sized set-ups. The videos will be released in a few weeks online for everyone to watch.

Check out our full gallery of photos below.

Daniel Grant, Front Board 270 Out on the Incline during the final.
Liam Peacock laid down a heater of a finals run to take 1st place.
Brock Baker, Frontside Wall Ride Backside 180 Out.
Liam Brearley putting on a show for the RV crowd.
Blake Bishop going XL for Wes Jacobsen’s lens.
Felix Georgii Tailpress on the Creeper ledge.

Daniel Grant doing Daniel Grant type stuff. Log Cabin Gap to Flat.
Riley Dillon, Back 270 Gap to Boardslide 270 Out for Team Daniel Grant.

Felix Georgii giving Dylan Miller a lift, literally. That’s what friends are for.
Trever Maur with the very last trick of the weekend, probably taking 10 years off his knees with this Half Cab Boneless to Flat.
William Klang, on his way to yet another Yardsale podium.
Dylan Miller, Boardslide Gap to Back Lip
Guenther Oka, Front Board Tap over the bobber on the full sized cable.

Team captain, Steffen Vollert discussing strategy with William Klang.
Oli Derome, Front Board going up Pool Gap #2.
Dary Znebel with home-away from home field advantage.
The VWC campsite set-up.
Steffen Vollert and Dylan Miller soaking in the “glamping” vibes.
The Yardsale 2 Full Sized Cable Podium (left to right): William Klang 2nd, Liam Peacock 1st, Dary Znebel 3rd
Riley Dillon, Tailpressing in front of the I-75 traffic.